There are 2 things I’m super passionate about:

1. Helping you create a lifestyle you’re passionate about.

2. Developing the freedom to work in cute cafes or natural settings all over the world.

And that’s why I made the change from being employed as a Fashion Designer to becoming a Passion Designer. I’m on a mission to help creatives + aspiring entrepreneurs all over the world unleash their talents and create a killer biz that looks awesome, keeps you super excited, and creates the freedom (to travel or do other fun things) you’re looking for!

If that sounds like something you daydream about (or are working towards), you’re in the right place!

Watch the video above, listen to a podcast, and take a look around…

Passion Design Project Podcast

084: How to Start a Podcast from Start to Finish

Today I go over all of the details on how I started a Podcast. Kara wrote in with the following questions and I answer every single one in great detail. Enjoy and let me know if you start a Podcast!! What equipment did you start with? Where did you buy it? How did you...

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082: Why Giving Matters

Do you ever have a book sitting around for a long time but never make the time to get around to reading it? Okay, I have more than a few of these, but The Go-Giver is probably the shortest book that has been. Yesterday, I gave myself a rare off-day and decided to pick...

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081: How to make your One Life Count

Yooooolo! That's right, I'm bringing back that obnoxious cliche phrase that went viral a year or two ago. But to be honest, I wish it hadn't been simply a fad. If you weren't in the YOLO loop, it stands for You Only Live Once, and people used it mainly to describe...

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“I love the way this podcast is presented. From the intro to the uplifting people Haley interviews, it is a perfect addition to your podcast lineup. Overall, great for inspired people or people who want to get inspired.”

Jessica Martin

Intervention Specialist & Mom Extraordinaire , Cincinnati, OH

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Artist. Podcast Host. Passion Designer. I’m constantly looking to bring more adventure travel and good coffee in my life and really love making an impact on the world in the process. (Most likely, just like you.)

I went from moving all over the USA and having an uncountable number of freelance jobs, to getting my art in a museum and having a steady flow of creative clients.

I love helpin’ Creatives who know they have a lot to offer but don’t know how to create an amazing life + biz around what they love doing. I’m all about helping you monetize passions, create more freedom, and live a mega fun life!

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I created this Coloring Book because designing a life you love should be FUN!

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“Loving this Podcast! Haley and her guests are so inspirational and full of great ideas on how to live the life you have always imagined. Can’t wait to hear more!”

Cory LoVellette

Personal Trainer, Los Angeles, CA