Art is proven to reduce stress and release creativity

I created this Coloring Book for you because designing a life you love should be FUN! Download now!

There are 2 things I’m super passionate about:

1. Helping you create the exact lifestyle you want.

2. Making sure your brand looks mega cool.

And that’s why I made the change from being employed as a Fashion Designer to becoming a Passion Designer. I’m on a mission to help creatives + aspiring entrepreneurs all over the world unleash their talents and create a killer biz that looks awesome, keeps you super excited, and creates the freedom you’re looking for!

If you’re ready to feel mega CONFIDENT about going after the life you want, plus customize your brand so it STANDS OUT in a sea of online businesses (and have tons of FUN in the process) you’re in the right place!

Passion Design Project Podcast

059: Teaching English Abroad while in College | Nikki Awad

On this day in Marrakech, I stopped by a co-operative and caught up with Nikki, who is a student doing a short stint abroad to teach English in Morocco. Nikki gives some practical advice on how easy it can be to travel the world and make an impact. My favorite quote:...

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057: How to have GREAT Stories | 30th Birthday Story

I spent my 30th birthday in London. 6 months prior I had decided that I was going to be successful by 30, which at that point only meant that I wanted my bank account overflowing with extra funds by then.  Not exactly the best foundation for success, by the way....

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“I love the way this podcast is presented. From the intro to the uplifting people Haley interviews, it is a perfect addition to your podcast lineup. Overall, great for inspired people or people who want to get inspired.”

Jessica Martin

Intervention Specialist & Mom Extraordinaire , Cincinnati, OH

Stories from Worldwide Adventures


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Hey Hey,


Artist. Podcast Host. Passion Designer. I’m constantly looking to bring more adventure travel and good coffee in my life and mostly love impacting the world in big ways! (Most likely, just like you.)

I went from moving all over the USA and having an uncountable number of freelance jobs, to getting my art in a museum and having a steady flow of creative clients.

I’m obsessed with helping Creatives who know they have a lot to offer but don’t know how to create an amazing life + biz around their passions. I’m all about getting you big money, lots of freedom, and a life full of fun! If it’s possible for me, it’s possible for you.

It’s time for you to create an impact, Passionista!

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Art is proven to reduce stress and release creativity

I created this Coloring Book because designing a life you love should be FUN!

Download it now!

“Loving this Podcast! Haley and her guests are so inspirational and full of great ideas on how to live the life you have always imagined. Can’t wait to hear more!”

Cory LoVellette

Personal Trainer, Los Angeles, CA