Hi! I’m Haley, and I’m all about being optimistic, having positive energy, and laughing a lot. I also like traveling and gorgeous, trendy stuff.

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be an artist. I know this because not only did I draw and craft ALL the time, but each year I told my mom that “Artist” would be my career when she asked for my scrapbook (besides the few middle years I wanted to be an Olympic gymnast, obviously).

Growing up on a farm in a town of 500 in rural Ohio, I vividly remember playing around the yard all day and feeling nothing but freedom with what I could do with my life.

You might think I’m going to say I grew up and lost the freedom (sob story, yadda, yadda) but actually, that’s not true. I took that belief and ran with it! I did everything in my power to explore the world in front of me while pursuing my most passionate life.

But let’s be real, creating the lifestyle you desire isn’t a simple walk in the park, and there have been definite ups and downs.


After graduating with honors in Fashion Design from the University of Cincinnati (and Pole Vaulting for them – Go Bearcats!), I moved all over around the United States, searching for a place that could meld the lifestyle I desired with the work I wanted to do. Which was amazing EXCEPT that along this journey I found that it wasn’t so simple to create my dream life. After working my tenth internship (yes, you read that right), it was seriously time to reevaluate HOW I was going to achieve this amazing and successful life I knew was waiting for me.

Tired of feeling like I had so much potential, and embarrassed by my bank account, I found myself constantly dwelling on what wasn’t happening and only seeing all of the dead ends I was hitting. I felt like I was trying everything so I just couldn’t figure out why nothing was happening. You and I both know this isn’t a fun place to be in, am I right?

It was then I decided to focus on what I COULD do. I took jobs that were closer to my passions. I took freelance work even if it wasn’t my most ideal clients. I started listening to more and more business podcasts. I started creating a lot of ideas around where I could possibly take my talents. But still, I wasn’t bringing in the money I wanted, I didn’t own my schedule like I really wanted, and I was getting really annoying daily headaches from stressing myself out.



At that point, I decided that playing safe wasn’t an option if I really wanted to have the life I dreamed of. I decided to hire a coach, up my art prices to what I felt I was really worth, and put a huge focus on eating only the healthiest foods (yes, I feel that this is vital to success)!

The thing is, I had been waiting and waiting for success to pop out of thin air at me, except no one was going to tell me to do these things, tell me to take these risks, no one was going to come along and lay out a plan for success for me. After all, if I wanted a neat ladder, I could’ve gone corporate.

And the same is true for you. You are destined for an incredible life, one you love, and I don’t want you to wait around any longer. I’m on a mission to help creatives and adventurers pursue their purpose and live out their most passionate life.

I do this through my podcast, online courses, and branding via illustrations (here’s one I did for Pat Flynn!)


PODCAST: The quickest way to learn is by those who have gone before you, right? I created my podcast to let you in on secrets from my guests who teach simple strategies for going from passion to global business. I also love doing solo episodes where I can share the latest techniques I’ve learned to live our best, most productive and impactful life! On the Passion Design Project, we focus on subjects like healthy lifestyle practices, socially conscious business, and global outreach. Some of my personal favorite topics include maintaining a positive mindset, incorporating faith into everyday life, and constantly pushing limits while trying new activities. I strive to find guests that are not only thriving in business ventures but who also put philanthropy at the forefront of their agenda.

ART: I talk a big talk about following your passion and creating it into a thriving, impactful business, so it’s only right that I have my own successful biz around my talent, right?! I LOVE creating freehand illustrations that see a larger purpose; I’ve done everything from Facebook covers to huge wall murals and would love to chat if you are in need of any custom illustrations for your business.

COURSES: I’ve always been super independent (maybe like you), and thought I could do everything alone (maybe like you), but like I said above, I finally realized I needed to take big leaps and risks if I wanted to get where I desired to be in life. Because mindset, money, and confidence coaching helped me so much, I wanted to make sure I passed along the knowledge. Being stuck is the definitely no-fun-zone and I truly believe that once we get our mindset stronger, we can conquer way more than we ever thought possible (way faster). I’ve found this to be the biggest game-changer for myself and want to share all of this information with you.


More about me now: I thank God for all the amazing things in my life. I love painting and illustration and have my own art biz. I love sports like skiing, wake surfing, biking, beach volleyball, basketball, and have even been an Adaptive Ski Instructor for 5 years. Traveling is huge for me and I adore exploring other cultures and eating crazy foods. And if I ever meet you, it will most likely be in a cafe over coffee and a pastry:) My last big feat was visiting all 50 states, woo!


“This is such an inspiring listen and is full of awesome tips on how to live a more fulfilling life! So much positivity – I love it! Thanks so much Haley for all your hard work and sharing this gold wisdom with the world!”

Lucy Conway

Health Food Blogger, New Zealand, LulusNosh.com

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