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If you say “that’s me!” to more than half of these, apply now!

You want more FREEDOM in your life

You’re looking for more work/life BALANCE

You want the CONFIDENCE to make your dreams a reality

You’re ready for results NOW

You constantly feel like your work could be better, aka you may be a bit of a PERFECTIONIST

You’re SCARED time is passing and you aren’t accomplishing what you really desire

You want to feel freakin’ SUCCESSFUL already

You’re tired of FEARING FAILURE



You want to IMPACT the world in a way that is MEANINGFUL

You’re willing to put in work with 1:1 coaching or programs in order to get RESULTS

You value FUN and TRAVEL

You prioritize being CREATIVE and DIFFERENT than the norm


What To Expect:

×  Welcome Workbook so you can get clarity on what amazing results you want to see in the next 10 weeks.

×  4 weeks of 1 hour phone sessions based around crafting a mindset for success.

×  1 week transition module on taking your renewed mindset and using it to create the biz of your dreams.

×  4 weeks of 1 hour phone sessions based around crafting an incredible business based around your passion. 

×  1 week final module to set goals for the rest of your year and to refer back to in the future.

×  Unlimited Email Access during our 10 weeks.

×  Customized Resources, Recommendations, Tools, & Tutorials

"Beautiful things don't just happen, if you want something marvelous you've got to make something marvelous!"


Depending on your interests and what will be most beneficial to you, some topics we will cover include the following: 

Lifestyle Mindset

  • Increase your happiness!
  • Increase your self-esteem, self-care, and self-love.
  • Get rid of worry that keeps you up at night.
  • Feel more powerful!
  • Continuously keep your energy levels high.
  • Create a consistently healthy and balanced life.
  • Live the life you’ve always wanted: travel, dining, creating the freedom-filled schedule you want.

Money Story

  • Move past any limiting beliefs around money that are keeping you from abundance.

  • Start charging what you are worth and get it!

  • Learn to love sales by knowing how to go about them.

  • No longer say “I’d love to but I can’t afford it.”

  • Get friendly with your bank account.

  • Form Money affirmations to speak daily.


  • Manage your time and put structures in place

  • Learn to say NO instead of saying yes to everything.

  • Create connections with like-minded people around the world near and far.

  • Design a biz model that supports your vision.

  • Feel in control of your life and fall in love with it.

  • Earn plenty of money to enjoy your desired lifestyle AND give back in a meaningful way.

  • Diving deep into work and life balance

Your Why

  • Find out exactly what lights you up.

  • Figure out why you want to do this work so you stay passionate.

  • Nail down exactly how you want to impact the world.

  • Discover ways that your business can have a bigger purpose in the world.

  • Explore companies you can connect with.

  • Create a vision for your short- and long-term goals, and a clear plan to help you get there.

  • Design a business model that supports your mission.

Ideal Client

  • Nail down who your ideal client is for your biz.

  • Build your ‘tribe’ with the right people.

  • Realize that your ideal client is waiting for you.

  • Find out where your ideal client hangs out online.

  • Create a powerful community to actualize your vision/mission on a bigger scale.

  • Increase your visibility so clients can actually find you.

Website Design

  • Design a professional looking website in a week by yourself.

  • Develop appealing pages to explain you, your brand, and your offer.

  • Craft your story so people will feel compelled to connect with you.

  • Develop offers to include on your site.

  • Create a pop-up opt-in to gather emails and create your list.

  • Create alluring website copy.


  • Remove doubt, uncertainty, and limiting beliefs.

  • Increase your confidence when approaching people.

  • Feel good about speaking in front of people.

  • Become excited about the idea of putting yourself out there for people to see.

  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and jealousy of others.

  • Learn techniques to feel more confident in any situation.

Goal Setting

  • Figure out what you truly want in life.

  • Create big-scale dreams and quit playing small.

  • Develop achievable 30-day, 90-day, and year long goals.

  • Figure out what needs to happen in order to achieve the goals.

  • Consistently state your goals.

  • Begin to tell others about your goals.

Your Life Desires

  • Map out who you are, how you got here, and where you want to go.

  • Get clear on your unique abilities and narrow your niché!

  • Find out what it is in your life that is keeping you stuck or confused.

  • Put a plan in place to set you on the path to happiness and biz success.

  • Focus on goal setting and taking action towards them every day.

  • Inspirational and motivational techniques to keep you moving each day in the direction of your dreams.

  • Delete negative thoughts that have been holding you back.

Your Entrepreneurial Desires

  • Figure out what lights you up in terms of your entrepreneurial desires and making that your non-negotiable focus.

  • Get clear on the direction you need to take.

  • Identify your gifts & strengths so that you work in your zone of genius and create services, products, and offerings that tap your full potential

Brand Design

  • Collect inspiration for the feel you want people to get.

  • Develop an appealing color palette.

  • Create a vision board for your brand.

  • Develop an attractive name and logo.

  • Hire out brand photography and hold a shoot.

  • Learn to quickly edit photos you take so that they match your brand.


  • Send out your first newsletter or spice them up if you already are.

  • Get familiar with Facebook ads and create ones that convert.

  • Stay relevant with your online presence each day.

  • Develop creative ways to advertise so you stand out. 

  • Create an offer that your community can’t resist. 

  • Learn to schedule posts like a pro.

  • Build your email list daily.

Perhaps this is the moment for which you've been created. Esther 4:14


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