How many times do you wake up and within 3 minutes you’re already dreading the day ahead? Maybe not dreading it but you’re definitely thinking about all of the things you wish you didn’t have to do. Why is it that we always think about the worst stuff first when we wake up? When I’m saying it, I just want to tell myself, “Hey think about the good stuff!.”

Anyhow, after those annoying morning wakeups happened to me one too many times in a row, I realized I needed a shift. I had to figure out why my brain only wanted to think about the crap of the day and make a switch, because it was seriously bringing me down.

Are you similar at all?

Maybe you wake up and think about all the laundry that needs done, or you remember you have to get that oil change, or your day is going to be consumed by errands again, or the worst one of all, you actually have to do that task you put off doing yesterday! The horror!

And it doesn’t have to just happen in the morning. Sometimes, these agitations happen throughout the day. You wish you hadn’t said that thing to your friend last week, or you’re worried about finishing a project for an upcoming deadline, or _______ fill in the blank.

If you find those clouds of worry, irritation, and self-doubt looming above you from events in the past and ones that are to come, I welcome you to join me in the shift I discovered. It’s easy and painless, and if formed into a habit, will make your days 10x better and less stressful.

I’m talking about staying in the moment.

Sounds simple enough right? You’re living in the moment, you’re doing whatever you’re doing in the moment. However, are you REALLY in. the. moment?

If you’re reading a book, do you do exactly what the last page said or did you let your mind wander to what you’re making for dinner?

If you’re talking to a friend, are you truly listening or thinking about what you’re going to say next?

If you’re attending an event are you taking it all in or replying to emails?

If you’re playing with your kids are you laughing with them or thinking about the bills that need to be paid?

When we don’t stay in the moment, we not only miss out on life in front of us but also are less productive and invite more stress and worry into our lives.

My issue is that I often think I’m being proactive by thinking of all the things I need to do first thing when I wake up and then stressing about them throughout the day. That’s working hard, right?

On the contrary! That mindset was actually inhibiting me from getting things done because I made everything a bigger deal than it was and spent so much time dwelling on it, that I was actually giving tasks double the time they needed. It was one of those realizations that when I really realized what was happening, I was like, “duh!”

So how did I turn this around? First I implemented a solid morning routine. My routine does not allow for social media or email, because that would already be allowing someone else to dictate my day and what I’m thinking. So I suggest you do the same. Stay away from anything that can trigger your mind, anything that can potentially make you feel not enough, angry at a situation in the world, or emails of tasks for other people. This time is for you.

Once you complete your morning routine, it’s all about creating a habit of staying in the moment. This can be anything from a note on your computer telling you to stay here and now, an alarm on your phone a few times a day reminding you to stay present, a bracelet that reminds you, or if you’re a powerful mental person, simply recognize when whatever you are thinking is taking you out of the moment, and gently bring yourself back to the present.

I can guarantee you that if you stay in the present more often, you will experience less stress because you won’t be trying to control things that haven’t happened yet or worrying about things that did happen. Plus, everyone likes a person who is 100% present, energetic, and engaged. Be that person!

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