Recently my boyfriend totally called me out. We were having a chat and I was in a slump about something or other, and after I went on and on about what was bothering me, he literally said, “Haley, you seriously have to stop saying that.” That’s all.

Of course, that’s not exactly what we want to hear when we have just ranted about something, right? Maybe some sympathy or agreeance would by welcome. Ha!

But in this case, sad to say, he was totally and completely right. Of course, I didn’t let him know that and hopefully, he doesn’t listen to this episode and get a big head, BUT, the point of it was: I was literally digging my own grave by repeatedly talking about what I didn’t want and things I didn’t like that were happening.

What do I mean by this? Well, quickly give a think about the things you think about and dwell on during the day.

If I had to guess, I would say it’s probably similar to what I was saying…

“I wish I didn’t have to pay that car bill.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever finish my website.”

“That dream house is just a fantasy.”

“We can’t afford the vacation we really want.”

“These 10 pounds are impossible to get rid of.”

Sound familiar? Maybe all too familiar. Take a bit of time and think about what you’re telling yourself.

As much as you may not think your thoughts are doing anything, (they seem harmless enough, right?) the reality is that the world in front of you begins in your mind!

What you are thinking right now is actually creating your future. Scary if you’re thinking crappy thoughts, huh? But think about it, why would your future become amazing if you are only focusing on crap. It only makes sense right?

Take another example:

There’s a phrase I hear a lot that needs to GO! Maybe you even hear it often but don’t even notice (now you will, haha). A lot of times this phrase is said with a laugh + an excuse, like…

“I can’t right now, I’m broke. 

“We totally would, but we’re broke, ha!”

“I’m going to be so broke after vacation.”

Can we just be real? Are you helping yourself by announcing you’re broke or going to stay broke? No! Check yourself with these 3 points:

1. Even if you don’t have as much money as you want right now, proclaiming your broke-ness is only keeping you in the mindset of being broke. (Say something positive or don’t say anything at all.)

2. By denying things because of being broke, you aren’t showing up that you’re ready for more. (Find some ways to progress in a free way.)

3. No one who’s trying to be successful wants to hang out with broke people. I mean, do you? (Instead of talking about money, talk about cool things you’re currently doing to become successful.)

BONUS. If you actually have money and are still saying you’re broke, ask yourself why. (It could be an idea you grew up with, find the root of the problem and reframe it into the reality you have or want.)

So hopefully by now, you can see how your thoughts can actually become your reality. I challenge you to think the absolute best thoughts you can think of from now on. This might feel really weird and far off from your reality right now, but little by little, what you come to expect may just end up happening. Worst case scenerio, you become a more positive person and love on yourself a little more. Woo!


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