I find that when I come home after a long trip, I have mixed feelings. Coming home almost feels like coming back to a past life..

[In short, I find this is because when you allow for new experiences in your life you almost inevitably see the way you live in a new, fresh way.]

I’ve been thinking on this for the last few days as I’ve returned after business events in London, a solo birthday trip to Morocco & Portugal, an exciting art project in California, and a fun Memorial Day in NY with my bf.

All of these things are moving me in the direction that I want it to go, but at the same time, there’s that weird moment when you come down from the travel high…to…what was. Which might be perfectly fine, but also I think we tend to overlook that we usually create a life based on what our family and friends have always done. Nothing bad in that, but there’s so much diversity out there to take into account as well. Like, I love bringing back some little thing from my trips to begin implementing in my life. One of my new ones is a new type of bathing from Morocco!

The things I want you to remember is that we can always create the reality we want or change it into something we desire. Which, for me, means remembering the feelings, ideas, and visions of my future life I had during my time away.

During trips away from our busy day-to-day happenings, it’s so much easier to think that anything is possible. I’m sure you’ve experienced that: being on vacation and thinking “I bet we could live here” only to come back home and never give it one more thought. A lot of people attribute that to “coming back to reality” but remember what I said, we create the reality we want. You truly can. If you want to do something, you can. You break it up into smaller steps and do the first step within the next 5 minutes. It could be as small as creating a to-do list, or one of my favorite action steps: contacting one person who could be some type of connection to get you a step further.

After coming back from trips to my old habits too many times, I’m finding that it’s actually important to remember those new thoughts I had and begin to put them into play. Most often it’s not major things but instead, it’s simple things, like lighting a candle that smells like the beach or having deeper conversations with everyone or sitting in gratitude each day for 5 minutes. Things that make you feel genuinely happy at the end of the day.

The biggest idea from my past few weeks I’m putting into play is thinking on a bigger scale. There’s a lot of awesome people and so much opportunity out there and it’s really fun to be in the midst of it all. I’m also playing music while I work and getting more outdoors time. What are you doing to feel more alive?

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