A few months back I started really focusing on doing more art. It’s always been a side-passion of mine, but as I had more and more people requesting my services, I realized it would be really easy to make money with art. Becoming a full-time artist meant I had to think about creative ways to bring in money, not only for surviving but because I was interested in seeing which methods could bring me the most consistent income.

Today I’m telling you about one of my favorite sources of income this summer: Watercolor class events!

Don’t worry if you aren’t an artist because events can be applied to a lot of industries to attract new customers and get current clients more engaged!

On this episode I cover:

  • How I started these events all by myself in 2 days.
  • How you can make sure you profit before even hosting an event.
  • The way I’ve gotten up to 40 people at one event (that meant almost a $1000! profit in one night)
  • The best way to contact a venue to collaborate.
  • How to keep in contact with people who come to the event for future projects.
  • The exact Facebook Ad strategy I use. (on my last 9 events I’ve spent approx $280 altogether and made $1000. About a $700 profit!)

I think events are one of the best ways to get to know your customers, plus since we do so much online it’s nice to actually do things in person!

I’d love to hear if you host events or you plan to after this!

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