Do you use affirmations?? I’ve been back and forth about them, but recently have decided to go ALL IN. Because really, what’s the point in only going half into things? That’s like saying you want a chocolate cookie but are only going to use half the ingredients or half the heat. Probably not going to get your desired outcome, right?

If you aren’t familiar with affirmations, they are basically sentences that you repeat to yourself or listen to, that ingrain certain thoughts into your subconscious. Actually, I already did an Affirmation Episode back on Episode 13 to be used as a guide for saying affirmations, but this is important enough that, 50 episodes later, it’s time to revisit the subject.

Affirmations can be used for just about anything. Actually, you probably use them right now whether you know about it or not. And you know what’s scary? You might actually be using them in the WRONG way.


Think about your day, and I’m going from personal experience here. Being an entrepreneur is tough, and there are a lot of times when you just can’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel. Or the light is like a little pinprick because it seems 10 bajilliion miles away. It’s at those times when I usually find myself thinking, “how am I going to actually make money on this project” or one of my personal faves “they can’t afford this so I will devalue it.”

And the thing is, it’s SO easy to justify these thoughts/affirmations we tell ourselves. You wanna help others afford you so you dumb down your prices. It seems nice and easy. But you know what isn’t very nice or easy? Paying your bills at the end of the month and not having any spare change left over. But guess who does? Your customers that you basically gave your things or time to.

Okay so that’s drastic, but I want to make this pretty clear because so many of us justify not having money and then continue living out this truth for years and years and maybe our lifetime. My point is, this is the way NOT to use affirmations. I really want you to take into account what you are thinking about during the day. When I did this, I realized I was basically thinking about dead ends all day long. Maybe I would have a good hour and get really inspired, but as soon as I jumped on social media and saw people doing what I wanted I went back to my old thought patterns, which could be summed up as, “how will my finances ever change?”

Enter Positive Affirmations. So I started listening to every YouTube video on Money mindset that I could find. Now, I know all about money mindset and how it’s something you have to continually work on and develop, but I’d gotten lax, at a time when I definitely shouldn’t have. If you’re maybe a little lax in the area of a positive money mindset, and not in the financial position you really want to be in, I URGE you to jump 1,000% into these.

If it seems too woo-woo for you like it did for me in the past, just do a google search of Celebs that use Affirmations and literally a ton of them pop up. Stating what you WANT every day instead of what you’re sick of or what you fear or what you worry about is soooooo powerful. Will Smith, Oprah, Jim Carrey, etc. are doing quite alright and if they credit affirmations as one of the main components to being where they are, there’s got to be something to it, right?

I’m focusing on Money Affirmations because I think it’s an area that a lot of people stay away from. Who wants to be heard saying “I have a millionaire mind!” out loud? I’m still working on getting past the embarrassment. But if you break it down, money is just an exchange of value. I mean really we could just be exchanging pizzas all day, but dollars are easier. So don’t think of money as some holier than thou paper. It’s just how we show and prove value.

So in that case, do you think you’re valuable? If you aren’t bringing value, then hey, bring more so that you deserve to get more value in the form of money. And if you are bringing tons of value, then it’s time to accept the pizzas, I mean dollars, that you deserve.

If you don’t really know where to start with Money Mindset Affirmations, or you find it totally awkward to apply them to yourself, on the next episode I’m simply doing a whole episode of Money Mindset Affirmations. Give them a try, and then give them another try, and continue until you truly start to believe what you’re saying. And that’s the most important part: believing what you’re saying.

If you give the affirmations a try, let me know how it’s going for you! I’m doing this as much for myself as I am for you guys, so I hope it’s helpful!

Have the best day ever!!!

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