Over the summer I went to an absolutely incredible conference put on by the email service ConvertKit. It was my first time in Boise, a place I’d wanted to visit and a very convenient spot as it’s just the state next door. I wanted to share some notes with you all, to provide a bit of inspiration and motivation in short doses of notes that I took.


  1. Add my personality to everything. Don’t be a copy.
  2. Love what you’re doing, but put an invoice behind it.
  3. Automate systems, not relationships.
  4. If you aren’t the best yet, have the best work ethic. Take initiative, do what I say I will, and do the things most people only talk about.
  5. Engagement is KING. Make Time + Make Friends = Make $$
  6. If people ask you questions, think about how you can monetize answers.
  7. Research brands and tell them a way you can work together (so they don’t have to figure it out themselves)
  8. The secret is telling people what you know.
  9. People engage in the STORY. Tell a story, always.
  10. Target the smallest possible audience. Niche down!
  11. Remember: If someone else decides your info is worth talking about, then it’s REMARKABLE.
  12. Artists view the world through abundance & see opportunity.
  13. We do not need more copiers.
  14. It’s not too late.

Have the best day ever!!!

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