In Morocco, I found myself wondering what was underneath the headscarves some women wear; who was that person really. In general, I find myself wondering that about people as I watch how they interact and go about their day.

Look around you. What layers do you see?

For me, I see a painting sitting on my floor. It may just look like a ski painting, but when I think about the layers that it took to create it, I’m reminded that I painted it because I lived in Aspen, I learned to ski there, I was inspired by old ski posters and created it, it inspired a whole collection of paintings that I created a future art show around. This painting looks quite simple from the outside, but the layers of it tell a story and help me remember how I got to where I am.

So what layers do you see? Maybe nothing stands out immediately but choose something; there’s always more to see. And like mine, often not just one layer appears, but multiple. From doorways to people, to books, layers unfold stories that lie unseen if you only give, hurried quick glances.

Now it’s nice to look at the layers of things, but the layers of people are what I want to look at. They are often the part that can connect you the most. And we know that connection is one of the most important tools in life and business. To bring out what is inside people or yourself is where the real magic lies. That’s why social media has become a tough place to find real friends. You see the exterior good things but rarely are shown the layers that accompany a person.

How do we discover what’s inside others and connect? I’m fairly certain it all starts with ourselves. Do you ever pause to remember who you really are, what your real purpose is? Do you first know the layers of your own self? I think sometimes we get in groves where we walk through life  not even knowing who we are following or why we do certain things.

Take some quiet time to explore your own layers. Who are you today and why? Then, ask if you are living for the BIG picture stuff (love, relationships, moments of happiness). Or are you allowing the smaller things to act macho (moods, negative thoughts, irritations, to-do lists)? What are the layers of you exposing?

Once you realize why you’re doing things and if you are staying true to your big picture goals, you’ll find it easier and more comfortable to expose your own layers to others. In turn, you’ll discover people with similar layers will be drawn to you, and natural connections occur. In other words, vulnerability occurs, which is a whole subject in itself.

So today, don’t be afraid to explore more of yourself and share a bit more with others.

Have the best day ever!!!

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