I love setting goals for myself when a New Year rolls around. I’ve been doing them in the same journal for about the past 6 years and it’s so fun to look back and see that because even when I don’t accomplish the goal in the year I wrote it, I usually do sometime in the next few years. This is great, especially for people like me who never think I’m doing enough…turns out, I’m doing exactly what I want if I would just be a little more patient!

If you’re a goal setter, awesome! These questions will be a great supplement to that. If you prefer not to set goals (even though I’d really encourage you to write a couple each year) these questions will be a great head start or just interesting for you, regardless.

The new year has recently become more and more cliche, with people making fun of those lofty goals people set to only eat kale and get a 6 pack in 10 days. You know. However, goals can actually happen if you set a plan. So I want to help you along and insert a little dose of patience. If you have a 2 pack by next December, that’s pretty darn good!

I’m gonna give you a list to mull over as I talk. Feel free to jot down answers or just press pause and think about them. Pick out one of two that you will definitely work on this month, or longer, and go from there! Happy 2018!

  1. When was I the happiest last year? Get specific. Who were you around, what were you doing, why did you feel that way? Now, can you recreate that feeling or work towards creating more of that happiness this year?
  2. When were you at your lowest during the year? What caused this feeling? Are you past it or is it reoccurring? Now, how can you prevent this feeling from coming back (or at least minimize it?) If it is a big problem that seems daunting, cut it up into smaller steps. A bad relationship…say no to going out. A money issue…find the source of the biggest problem, which is usually either spending too much or not enough coming in. Make a change.
  3. Why do you do what you do? According to Simon Sinek’s book, this is perhaps the most important questions to ask yourself. Here is the link to watch the TED talk about this. If you don’t have a great reason why you are doing something, your motivation will just plain not be there and no further goals will likely happen. Figure out the core of why you want something and then work from there.
  4. What part of your work do you love? Pinpoint your favorite part of your work and figure out how you can slowly but surely do more and more of that. I believe that if you are bold enough to do so, you can always get more of what you want. If you can’t think of one single thing, did you know that this month there are 5.6 million jobs available in the USA?! No excuses for not getting something closer to what you love.
  5. Who is pushing you to be a better version of yourself? Without people around us who encourage and challenge us to do and be more, we either get caught in contentment or develop bad habits. If you don’t have positive people around you, join some encouraging groups online. No excuses.
  6. What are you the most grateful for during this year? There’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Once you decide on it, how can you keep that a priority this year?

Have the best day ever!!!

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