Do you ever find yourself in situations where all of the people around you are totally bringing you down? Like, you walked into a place filled with energy but left completely drained…in a bad way?

It’s a real thing. There are energy-suckers out there. They are alive and well and much to my dismay, I occasionally feel myself being one.

Not that I intentionally do it. Maybe something bothers me and I decide I “need” to debate it. Maybe someone achieves something but I don’t feel like they really deserve it. Maybe I’m just tired and don’t want to be super energetic around people. Anyone feel me?

Hopefully, you recognize times you are being a downer, but if you don’t, it’s time to check yoself!

I’ll say something bold now. You should ALWAYS bring positive energy when interacting with others. No matter WHAT, you should always try to leave a person better off. I don’t care if they hurt you or you think they’re useless, or if it’s a bad situation.

The reality is, leaving a person better off makes you a better person. It’s that simple.

Maybe you’re saying, Haley, I’m in a funk, I’m tired, and I have no extra energy to give to others. Okay. I hear you. Let’s explore that.

THE SPACE AROUND YOU: What’s your work area or home look like? Is it cluttered? Dirty? Overwhelming? Fix that first.

WHO IS GETTING YOUR ENERGY: Are you saying yes to events when you should be saying no? Are you doing things because you “should?” Are you constantly fighting with someone? Tidy up your friend life!

WHAT ARE YOU FUELING YOUR BODY WITH: What snacks are currently in your cupboard? Do you bring healthy snacks to work so you don’t have to eat fast food? Are you fueling with the right foods and not just caffeine? Exercising? Eliminate one bad food habit!

Okay, so those are 3 things to explore first, before even attempting to bring positive energy to a space. Remember: you have to take care of YOU before you can successfully take care of others! So here are some REALLY SIMPLE ways to add energy to the spaces around you, always!

ENTER CONVERSATIONS WITH A SMILE: Do you timidly approach conversations?  Maybe you frown without knowing it. By focusing on a smile, you instantly add energy and automatically put others at ease. Also, Laugh if something is funny!

DECIDE YOU ARE AWESOME: If you are confident that you are a positive addition to conversations and you know you have something to add to this world, then it will be easy to exude positive energy. You will want to celebrate with others and give off that confidence you have!

TALK ABOUT POSITIVES NOT PEOPLE: Conversations that are about people, unfortunately, are usually not the most positive – unless you’re celebrating everyone else! However, if you find you are always tending toward gossip, stop and speak about positives. Speak about events, activities, world events, fun things. And ask questions!

It’s that easy! I know it’s hard to sometimes fathom doing this when we’ve had a bad day, but believe me, there’s nothing better than some positive energy after a crappy day, and if you are able to start it, that’s powerful!

So remember, whenever you are showing your face in the world, you are either adding energy or subtracting it. Which one will you choose?

Have the best day ever!!!

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