That’s right, I’m bringing back that obnoxious cliche phrase that went viral a year or two ago. But to be honest, I wish it hadn’t been simply a fad.

If you weren’t in the YOLO loop, it stands for You Only Live Once, and people used it mainly to describe silly things like having a huge piece of cake or staying up all night in Vegas. But I wanna get down to the real, serious – and fun – meaning.

Do you think about it very often? I know I forget a lot. I get wrapped up in day to day things and almost forget what it’s all for. We surely weren’t created just to make enough to pay our bills and then retire and die, were we?

I DON’T THINK SO! And that’s one of the MAIN reasons I created this podcast. I don’t want that for you and I’m sure, when you think about it, you don’t want a life even close to that either! I hope that the podcasts I broadcasts are getting you closer to discovering and living out your passions. Therefore, this phrase really hits home for me.

When you realize that you only have this ONE life, and you’re probably a fourth or a third of the way through it already – eek sorry, just being real! – you gotta stop and check yourself. What are you living for right now? Let’s explore a few things that aren’t very healthy to be living for:

  • Only being able to pay the next bill that comes by. Yes! It’s smart to pay your bills, but not smart to let your bills control your life. If they are, first, figure out where you can cut down. It’s almost always possible. And then begin to save. A few episodes back I talked about a Money Makeover, listen to that. Before long, you will be focusing on what you like instead of what you don’t like.
  • To make sure your kids are successful. Everyone wants successful kids and wants others to see that they are a top-notch parent, but using your kids as a scapegoat to get out of facing your own dreams is a tactic of fear. And since I don’t have kids, I believe this allows me to see it clearer, because I see people with kids doing both sides. Think about it this way: actions speak louder than words, right? If your kids see you striving to live out your dreams, they will be motivated to do the same!
  • To be as good as that person you see on Instagram. Oh, the dreaded comparison. I think we can all say we’re familiar with death by comparison. We finally get started on a project we’re passionate about and then start following someone who is three steps ahead of us and boom, lose our drive. What Instagram doesn’t show is how long that person has been working, or what they are doing behind the scenes. Have patience and allow people who are further ahead to drive you and show you what’s possible!
  • To always give off a good image. Another one that is often exploited online, always trying to maintain a perfect image can be an exhausting way to live, especially if you are pushing it on others around you as well. There’s a quote that goes something like “people are impressed with strengths, but connect through weaknesses.” Remember that the next time you try to put on a perfect act, and instead think about letting others connect with you.
  • Retirement. Though I DO think saving for retirement is vital, I do NOT think living for retirement is. I’m the biggest advocate for crunching your goals into smaller timeframes and living the life you want right now. And to be honest, there’s no reason not to. If others, who started from nothing, have, then you can too. Reframe your thoughts to think about this year and even how you can condense your goals to make what you most want to happen in, say, the next 5 years. There’s no reason to wait 30 years.

By changing up the way we are looking at life and going super strong after what we really want right now, one life really is enough. I encourage you to remind yourself once a week that YOLO!

Have the best day ever!!!

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