How to Know if the Risk is Worth the Reward

How to Know if the Risk is Worth the Reward

Have you ever felt completely torn when making a mega decision that could impact the path of your life?

I have many times and I bet you have too. It just so happens that this week I’m taking a huge financial risk to further my biz.

Let me back up. This is definitely not the perfect time for me to take a risk. In all honesty, when I hear about various risks people took in their businesses, sometimes I cringe and sometimes I scoff and wonder why they would do something so outlandish without knowing the outcome.

A quick google search will tell you that risk is “A situation exposing someone to danger, loss, or harm.” Yeah. Not so comfortable. I’m pretty sure none of us are really looking to add more danger, loss, or harm to our lives. BUT, I’m not talking about taking uninformed risks, here. I’m talking…you’ve educated yourself, you know this step could possibly bring about something you are crazy passionate about, and you’re willing to work as hard as possible to achieve it.

The risk sounds more appealing now, right? So what’s the hold up?

f05f31241dc80c1e380a131dfe6509a0Maybe you’ve been putting off risks for the same reasons that I have. For instance, I could have budgeted better, but I know that there is potential to make way more than I currently am and I’m believing towards that. I could have started smaller, but sometimes playing big is what truly makes a difference. I could’ve scheduled this better, but sometimes stepping up to the plate doesn’t need more planning.

Often, big opportunities come at, well, not exactly the perfect time. And I’m telling you, if you don’t grab them up, the next person will. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll sit there and wonder how that person is doing it while you’re still struggling.

So how do you know if the risk is going to be worth the reward?

I would respond with: You’ve got nothing to lose.

Yes, you may be down some money or time, but knowledge and trying new things and diving into the potential of what you believe for yourself are things that truly can’t be taken away. Plus think about all the time and money you spend on things that aren’t getting you to where you want to be. Fill up the areas of your life that will allow you to live out your passions.

Now is not the time to play small. Trust yourself. I’ll say it again. Trust in yourself when making big decisions. And continue to stay inspired each day forward. You’ve got this, I believe in you!



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October 12, 2016