Hey hey, Passion Designers!

If I haven’t mentioned it, thank you SO MUCH for dropping in and coming along on this project with me. I hope that it is encouraging you, inspiring you, and motivating you to take action on your passions.

On a lot of my blog posts, I talk about tips and strategies to get to the next level and become the best version of yourself, but today I wanted to get a little more personal, so I’m adding an extra post.

It’s about my mirror. Okay, okay, maybe it’s not THAT personal. More specifically, for years, my mirror has been my “inspiration board.” This means a lot of notes pinned up and a lot of dry erase marker quotes, plus a great start to my mornings!

The lineup currently includes:

  • a watercolor painting I did of @basebodybabes with “summer #abgoalz” written underneath. Ha:) I’m going to need summer to last a little longer.
  • “research, take risks, get rewards” taken from investment books I’ve been reading
  • “be brave, be strong, be ready” based on talks from the wise and lovely Christine Caine
  • “Pray.”

and lastly, what I want to actually talk on, my changing “quote du jour…” except it’s been up for 2 weeks now because it’s exactly what I want to read every morning!


How much did you need to hear that today? It’s completely true and also a reminder that a lot of us are our own worst enemies. 51

Think about the last thing you were thinking about doing and wanted to do, but didn’t. Were you scared it wouldn’t work out? Afraid that others might think you aren’t qualified enough? Maybe you didn’t trust in your abilities or do you actually think back to 10 years ago when someone told you that your dreams were impossible.

I’m here to tell you that your dreams are more than possible, and can happen sooner than you think. The word itself says “I’m Possible.” 

I love how mindset is something we can change so quickly. It doesn’t take a college degree or a career in psychology to turn all of our negative or mediocre thoughts into positive ones.

Take me for example. I always thought I was a really positive person. Like, super optimistic. And I am, except earlier this year I realized that I was subconsciously always giving myself limits. Do you find yourself doing this, too? Limits on how much money I would make that month. Limits on how much time I had to give back and invest in friends. Limits on possibilities of where my life could go in a year.

I can only imagine how tired Greg probably was of hearing me wallow about how I wanted to be making more of an impact than I was (although he would never tell me that).

Once I began reading more blogs and listening to more incredible people who I felt really “got” me and understood what I was feeling (even though they didn’t know me), It was a GAME-CHANGER! One particular e-mail I received from a lady I love to follow, Emily Williams, said:

“The secret to success is making a decision. It’s about deciding that you’re going to take bold action now and stop waiting.”


I LOVE THAT! It’s my hope that this podcast is bringing you inspiring thoughts and people that you feel “really get” where you want to be. 

I hope you’ll make that decision today; decide that you can and will get anything you put your heart into. You’re worth it!