What’s the Big Deal About “Passion?”

What’s the Big Deal About “Passion?”

Follow your Passion.

Find your passion.

Only do what you’re passionate about!

Too cliche? Maybe. I know I read mixed reviews about “Passion.” One article will tell me it’s all you need, while the next will tell you to quit searching ‘cuz you’re wasting time!

And you know what, they’re both right. I started this podcast because I couldn’t bear to hear one more person tell me what they do with an unenthused look on their face. Take the people here in my town as an example. For the most part, most around my age have approximately 12 jobs, just kidding; but in all honestly, probably average 2-4. Yet the resounding consensus is, never enough money. In a logical sense, shouldn’t people with 4 jobs be doing all right? You’re single, you’re living in a gorgeous place, yet complaining that the town is too high priced, there’s not enough affordable housing, you have to work your life away, etc. And I’m sure Jackson isn’t the only town that has people in their 20s and 30s complaining about being overworked and underpaid. Because in reality, it’s not exactly about the place, is it?

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.” Les Brown

Have you felt that way before? You’re doing so much but getting nowhere fast. I hear you because I’ve felt that way. A few years back, I was working as a barista full-time and in a bar at night, and one morning, I remember one of the owners of the cafe came up to me as I was proudly declaring how I opened the cafe but would have to close the bar at 2 am, and asked why I was still at the bar when I had a full-time position at the bakery (that was well-paid and definitely enough, I might add). That moment stopped me in my tracks. I gave my two weeks to the bar and declared to myself that I would never take another position that I wasn’t seriously passionate about. I realized I had fallen into the mindset that I had needed two jobs, especially since everyone else was doing the same.

I’m not sure if you’re in that place right now, doing something that is supposed to be paying the bills, but is honestly draining you of energy, time, and your self-worth, but let me tell you, you can choose another path. If you don’t find fulfillment in your current job, then adding another, or staying in it longer than necessary for the sake of money (or thinking there’s nothing else out there)  will only get you in a more vicious cycle of woe-is-me, never-enough-time, need-more-money mentality.

But what if you don’t even really know what your passion is? Hey, I totally get it. Through the years, I’ve been the person with too many interests, too many ideas, which honestly sound good in theory, but isn’t that great either. But you know what I did know – and where I started: with the things I WASN’T passionate about, like the bar. And once I freed up myself from doing those things I absolutely knew were wrong for me, I had a bit of extra time to take on some projects and do some volunteer work that I couldn’t fit in before. I began to get a better picture of what I did enjoy, what I was good at, what people came to me for.

I don’t have it all figured out. I still do a variety of work, some that I like more than other work, but I know the direction I want to take things. By giving myself the opportunity (and prioritizing!) pursuing the things I found interest in, I have honed in on what works for me, and even where profit is possible.

The reality is, sometimes we have to do things we don’t love for a while to pay bills. But never make that your excuse. Continue learning, put yourself out there, go to events you find somewhat interesting, travel to a new place, chat with people who are passionate about what they do, listen to motivational speakers, fake it til you make it. Whatever! If you put yourself in the ring to be successful, you are at least on your way to giving yourself a chance!

And I’ll end with this thought: if you’re searching and searching for your passion, stop. Often looking outside of yourself is your best starting point. Go find someone you can help, that can’t help you back. Go be of service to an organization. Go see a third world country. Stop focusing so much on yourself and you might just see where you are truly needed in the world.

Remember, “Everything worthwhile in life is work.  But if it puts a smile on your face, it doesn’t feel like work.”



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October 26, 2016