I’m a huge fan of Gary Vee. He was a gamechanger for me after I started listening to his podcast and he talked all about working hard while also being patient.

At the time I started listening, I was searching for every way to make it big as fast as a could…and it wasn’t really working out! Super discouraged and disappointed in myself that I wasn’t “killing it” in 2 seconds, his method was a sigh of relief AND made me realize I could be doing tons more to further myself along. Technically, I didn’t deserve to be doing amazing because I definitely wasn’t putting in all the time that requires!

Each week, Gary has a guest on his show and they take a few callers questions. Hundreds of people send questions in and on this particular day I decided to write one. By some miracle, about 5 minutes later my phone rang with a New York number. I moderately freaked. I hope you enjoy our conversation about art and entrepreneurship! If you want to hear the rest of his interview that day, here is the link.

**audio credit: #askGaryVee

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