If you haven’t listened to episode 65 prior to this, that’s a good intro, but if you just want to dive right into Wealthy Affirmations, here they are. There are 30 and I will say each one twice, so that you can repeat it with me the 2nd time. Do this every day and watch your mindset around money change right before your eyes!

  1. I have a positive money mindset
  2. I deserve wealth and prosperity
  3. I see abundance all around me
  4. I choose to feel good about money
  5. I have confidence in my ability to make money
  6. I know that money is a tool to be used
  7. I deserve success and wealth
  8. I make more than enough money to meet my needs
  9. I have a millionaire mind
  10. Being wealthy enables me to help others
  11. I love spending money on things that bring me joy
  12. I choose to have financial freedom
  13. I welcome money into my life
  14. I am becoming wealthier each day
  15. My bank account is always growing
  16. I find it easy to attract money
  17. Financial opportunities are always coming my way
  18. I am becoming rich
  19. I have a positive attitude about money
  20. The more I give, the more I receive
  21. My money allows me to have a life I love.
  22. People love giving me money.
  23. I naturally attract money.
  24. I have fun earning money.
  25. It is smart to be wealthy.
  26. I love how easily I manifest money.
  27. I am happy, healthy and wealthy.
  28. I can easily afford anything I want.
  29. I am a good money manager.
  30. I trust that more money is coming to me.

Have the best day ever!!!

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